Frequently asked questions

Who can use the image library?
Please refer to our page describing the authorised users of CumbriaPhoto.
Can I use the images for my website and brochures?
Yes images are available in both high and low resolutions for use to promote the Lake District and Cumbria. The preview image will be of a high enough resolution for most web applications and the full size image is suitable for print. All we ask is that images are credited to the photographers and PDF copies or a URL are emailed to
What format are the images in?
The images are sRGB JPG files usually around A4@300dpi
I think you have an image in the wrong category or captioned incorrectly, what should I do?
Please let us know to allow us to make the necessary corrections. Email
Is it possible to receive images on CD or as TIFF files?
Although it is possible to download high resolution JPEG images directly from the site, we do offer a CD service. Images can be provided as JPEG and TIFF on CD via special delivery at a cost of £35 per request.